Why do business with us?

  • We have the expertise in our industry, good relationship and connections that are linked directly to our team.
  • We communicate and present information genuinely without deceit, as we believe that honesty is part of ethical standard that will develop our company's reputation as well.
  • We provide high quality of carrying cargo with extra diligence.
  • We give importance to social responsibility and code of ethics to our community.
  • We focus on our core assets to build a strong foundation from which to expand our businesses.
  • We value our customers' trust by giving them peace of mind when dealing business with us.
  • We are committed to producing better results for our clients.
  • Our managers have the ability to know the possible needs and outcomes of every action that is being made by the entire company.

Contact Us

Unit A, B and C Gedcor Building, Irasan St., San Dionisio, Paranaque City


Sales Department: (02) 401-0425
Operation Department: (02) 401-6704 / (02) 401-6716
Accounting: (02) 401-0163
Telefax: (02) 967-6136