Our People

  • Our team knows the value of communication skill as our team knows that we deal with people all the time.
  • Our team is prepared for unforeseen circumstances that can help them make better decisions.
  • Our team knows there are unexpected thing that get in the way and so our team is always quick on their feet to welcome change.
  • Our team is highly motivated, with a competent character that aims to achieve high excellence of service.
  • Our team values integrity, honesty and consistency.
  • We treat anyone, including employees, customers and stakeholders with fairness and respect as we believe that it will help build strong relations that will help to develop a good reputation in the field of logistics.
  • Our team knows that they have various number of responsibility for that reason, our team pay attention to every detail to avoid bigger problems.
  • Our team act fast whenever they see risks that may come wherein they can come up with plans for problems that may arrive.

Contact Us

Unit A, B and C Gedcor Building, Irasan St., San Dionisio, Paranaque City


Sales Department: (02) 401-0425
Operation Department: (02) 401-6704 / (02) 401-6716
Accounting: (02) 401-0163
Telefax: (02) 967-6136